Cheryl Tully

Cheryl Tully is a visual artist working with stoneware clay for nearly 25 years to create functional
and sculptural work. She currently resides in Lancashire and is involved with Baltic Clay in the
Baltic Triangle, where she produced work that was commended at this year's Chapel Gallery's
Open Exhibition. Cheryl's sculptural work is all hand built, showing the clay's softness which results
in a very tactile surface. Her years of beach combing on America’s east coast have had a great
influence in her forms over the years. She is eager to continue exploring where machine and
nature meet in her newer work which is playfully called, 'The Bumby Orb Series'; Cheryl's work is
approachable and lighthearted.
She first discovered clay as a child as her dad poured moulds in the basement of their coastal
home in America which led to a Bachelors degree of Fine Arts in ceramics. Early in her career she
taught ceramics courses to children and adults and later she worked as a buyer in the home
lifestyle industry. She went on to own an interiors shop in America before moving to Britain.
She is delighted at the opportunity to develop her work further whilst being part of the Cedar Farm

Victoria Reynolds-Crompton

Victoria Reynolds-Crompton has worked in the visual arts for over 25 years.  Victoria's personal practice has perfected a contemporary twist on the traditional.  In addition to her functional ceramics, she also creates sculptural pieces which experiment with the balance of functional verses decorative. The aesthetic element and final presentation of her work is a high priority. She is inspired by traditional routine and ware, like ‘a nice cup of tea’ or the old traditional soap dish or cake stand, which seems to have lost its place in our homes. She also gains inspiration from nature and uses flowers and leaves impressed into clay or as relief in her designs.  Her wildlife pencil drawings feature on work too as ceramic transfers.

Her portfolio of workshops and projects is vast and includes all education Keystages, mental health support groups and dementia patients.  Victoria finds the transferring of clay skills and techniques incredibly rewarding, especially when she can witness the accomplishments and confidence of participants grow first hand.

She has a background in Art Gallery Education and has gained a BA (Hons) Fine Art Ceramics and an MA in Museum Studies, but favoured her practical passion for making and teaching ceramics and went self employed in 2005.

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