Cheryl Tully

What do folks want to know? That I graduated a million years ago with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine
Arts) with a specialty in Ceramics? That I had a very traditional and practical education with four
years of art history and life drawing and other course like glaze chemistry, intaglio printing, metal
smithing and stone carving?
Or maybe more personal information? That I grew up on a beach in America with my Dad’s pottery
studio in the basement and now live in Britain. I’m happily married with 2.2 kids and living in the
burbs with a view of countryside from my back garden. (The .2 is a gorgeous grey tabby cat
named Dempsey.) I have a veggie patch with jurassic kale, I’m a keen baker and love the alchemy
of sourdough baking.
What can I say? I’m living the dream. I get to do what I love, which is make. I’m the co-owner of
The Clay House where I sell my work and host monthly and weekly evening courses.
I work in white stoneware clay for my functional ware and a heavy grogged clay for my sculptural
work. Most recently, I’ve had the pleasure of working in T-Material which is the Bentley of clays.
I’d like to consider my hand-built ceramics as sculpturally functional. My thrown work is largely
pure function, and my sculptural work is pure joy. If it was a perfect dream, I’d be making sculpture
primarily, but we need room to grow and goals in life. So, if you know anyone needing a garden
sculpture you know where I am.

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